Shots Ring Out in North Montgomery

Monday morning police say that still have not named a suspect or made an arrest in a weekend shooting.

Montgomery police are investigating a shooting in north Montgomery described by witnesses like a scene out of a movie. One man is in critical condition and the other is in police custody. Investigators say the two were involved in a violent shoot-out at high noon.

It happened Sunday afternoon as children played outside. The peaceful sounds in the Northgate neighborhood were interrupted by rounds of gunfire. Police arrived just after noon to find a 27 year-old-man with a bullet lodged in his chest.

Authorities believe the man was in a gun battle with a long time enemy. But investigators don't know why the men were arguing or why they brought the fight into the middle of a community.

"A lot of this violence comes from outside, from people who don't live here," says Rev. Wesley Lewis. "So they bring their problems to a quiet place cause their grandmother, cousin, or somebody else lives here."

Even after a shoot-out threatened the safety of the community, police are optimistic about their efforts to stop crime. "We're using the I.C.E. program now. And more criminals are aware that if they're caught with a handgun and they're ex-felons, they're going to spend some serious time in the federal prison," explained Montgomery Police Lt. Huey Thornton.

I.C.E. is new program implemented by the U.S. Attorney's office which stands for "Isolate the Criminal Element."

The number of violent crimes in Montgomery have dropped by half compared to last year at this time. The people living in Northgate say they can appreciate that statistic, but so far, the numbers aren't stacking up in their favor.