Jerrel Jernigan Diary 2/21/11


What's up world?

Last week, we went out and did some position drills and I got the pleasure of meeting (former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver) Cris Carter.

He came down to the facility and showed some tips on route-running.  Specifically, he showed us how to get in and out of our breaks and making sure we keep our hips low.

We had a whole day to work with him and I specifically worked with him on out routes, curl routes, and come backs.

We worked on drills I will have to do at the combine coming up this week.  We worked with different quarterbacks throwing me balls at different spots on the field.

Away from the field I've just been chilling with my boys Marcus Gilchrist (Clemson), Byron Maxwell (Clemson) and Zac Etheridge (Auburn).  We mainly go out to the Cheesecake Factory to eat.

I mess with those guys because I can eat what I want because I'm trying to gain weight.  They are trying to maintain their weights so they have to watch their diets a little bit.

We are basically going to take it light this week.  This morning we had a 9:00 workout which focused on our upper body.  We worked with light weights, but did a lot of reps.

After that, we went outside and worked on our 10 and 20-yard starts.  Our trainers stressed to us the correct way to warm up as well, because in Indianapolis we will be on our own.

Tomorrow, we will work on our shuttle runs and 3-cone drills.

Wednesday is a recovery day, especially for me because that's the last day before I travel.

All of us will be in the massage room and we will see the chiropractors to make sure everything is ok with our lower backs.

I'll also spend some time in the jacuzzi and just resting to make sure I get my legs back before the combine.

The receivers and running backs have to leave for the combine on Thursday.  I take off at 7:20 in the morning and I will have an hour layover in Atlanta before arriving in Indianapolis in the afternoon.

I don't know my schedule yet for the whole trip but I do know that I have interviews with the Cleveland Browns, St. Louis Rams, Atlanta Falcons, and the New England Patriots, and probably a few others.

I'm running on Sunday (Feb. 27th) and I'm leaving Indianapolis later that night.

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