ASU President issues statement on campus violence

Dr. William Harris
Dr. William Harris

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama State University President William Harris is issuing a statement in regards to violence on campus. The statement comes four days after a fight involving two groups took place in the campus cafeteria.

The outburst was captured on camera. Seven individuals were ultimately arrested for the fight, though no identities have been released.

Harris issued this statement:

"Alabama State University assures all of its students and personnel that it takes with the utmost seriousness the health and safety of its students, faculty and staff. The fight on the campus that occurred this week, which has been widely reported on in the media, was an isolated event that represents neither the values of the University nor the quality of its students.

Most importantly, such actions will not be tolerated.

Our investigation of this incident is ongoing and several of its alleged participants (all ASU students) have been identified. They have been suspended and will be removed from the campus and our classes today.

If our ongoing investigation reveals other participants were involved in the fight, they also will  be dealt with in a 'like' manner.

We will jealously guard the rights of our students, one of which is the right to a safe living and learning environment.

Anyone who does not understand that ASU has a 'zero tolerance' of all incidents of violence need to relocate to another school, because if they are found guilty of such acts here, they will be denied access to our University.

Our campus must and will remain safe."

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