CR 12: Tractor Collector in Auburn

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Auburn, Al (WSFA 12 News) -   Bob Stevenson is 85 years young.   And when you listen to him talk, you can tell right away farming was a big part of his childhood.   "I think I was on the plow at 7 years old," Stevenson said.   "I can recall being behind the mules, and off in the distance hearing a tractor.  I thought, I could be riding the plow, and I've never gotten over that feeling."

Stevenson developed a passion for tractors.  And when his granddaughter was very young they started collecting scale model tractors.   She eventually grew up and moved away, so Bob started a collection of his own.    "Now I've got 95 or 100 of them.   It's just a reminder of times past, when you get to be 85 years old, you live in the past a lot."

He has all kinds of brands and models, and of course he has some favorites.    "This is a 1935 or 1936 model which is the first tractor we had as a family in Harvest, Alabama."   And the closer he looks, the more he likes them.   "The spark plug wires, even the steering wheel is built to 1/16th scale.   This one has a fabric hood so the heat from the engines would warm the operator in the cold north.    This one here was called a "Comfort Tractor" it had a hard top.  They said with this one you didn't need a car.   You could farm all day and then take it to town later in the day."

For Bob Stevenson, the collection is almost complete, but he's always looking.  He says you never know what will roll by.

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