Community members plan to make last stand against MPS Plan

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As the Montgomery School Board approved a resolution to ask the city and county for $3 million for a bond issue, community members and elected officials met at First C.M.E. Church to prepare for a last stand before the board's Thursday vote on the superintendent's school consolidation plan.

Those at the church made plans to march in front of Carver High School before the public hearing at 5 p.m. Thursday.  Many at the rally say they want to delay the vote once again to come up with alternatives rather than closing schools.

"No, they haven't been listening, but it's good that we can come together to try and make them listen to what we're actually saying," said Timothy Bass, who spoke at the meeting.

"If we think our way through this, we can make our way through this, but hastily doing this as quick as possible is not a solution, it only creates more divisiveness," Bass said.

But Superintendent Barbara Thompson told WSFA 12 News said the vote cannot be delayed much more.

"With eight schools closing, and two being repurposed and six moving kids, that's a pretty big task with moving furniture and getting all this done, that's going to keep us busy," Thompson said.

The superintendent, along with the school board, is scheduled to meet with elected officials from Montgomery County Wednesday Morning, seeking ways to fund education.  City council members welcome the dialogue.

"The school board members were elected to do a job, and we have to support them in the job that you do, but we also have to make them understand they have to listen to the voice of the people," said C. C. Calhoun, a Montgomery City Council member.

That public hearing at Carver High School begins at 5 P.M. on Thursday.

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