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Beach goers say they're over the oil spill

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "Start planning your spring break at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach." It's the first few lines of a new advertisement by the Alabama Tourism Department to get people to the Gulf Coast this spring break.  And some are already on their way.

"I'll be at the beach spring break and of course all summer, we'll be down there most of the summer," says Laura Selby.

Ads like these have a way of enticing almost anyone to head to the Gulf Coast.  Lyndsey Dixon already has one beach trip under her belt this season.

"The weather was beautiful, it was 70 degrees," says Dixon.

Last year beach-goers worried about their safety--many of them steered clear of the coast because of the oil spill.

Dixon says it's not that way anymore.

"We didn't see anything. It was just white sand beaches and blue clear water."

"We're going April 1st and we're not worried about it at all," says Abby Grace Chandler.

"All the beaches have been treated and combed and raked and all the tar balls have been taken up. And it really really looks good," says Mike Foster with the Gulf Shores Chamber of Commerce.

He says officials are doing everything they can to convince visitors to come down south.

"Everything you love about Alabama's beaches is exactly the same with the sun, beach the water and all of the things that go with it," adds Foster.

And while you might see a trace of oil here and there, Chandler doesn't care. 

"I don't expect it to be perfect, but it's still the beach," adds Chandler.

Tourism officials say you might see an occasional tar ball on the sand.  But crews are removing them as soon as they wash up on shore.

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