Jeff's Journal - #10

If you're like me, you're counting down the minutes until the start of football season.

The season premiere of Friday Night Football Fever is August 29th.  Derek Steyer hit a few jamborees this week.  Impressive crowds at Trinity, Alabama Christian and in Troy, among ohers. I love how folks in Fever Country support their teams.

You'll get a kick out of our Fever Promo. Every year we try to do some thing a little wacky.  This year, I think we've "outwacked" ourselves. You'll agree when you see Derek and John Heckman in their nurses' gear.

Let's not forget about golf. Auburn's Lee Wiliams, a graduate of Benjamin Russell High School in Alexander City, is making quite a run at the U.S. Amateur Championship.  I'm really impressed with the way Lee has bounced back from his disappointing finish at the NCAA Championships in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  This spring, Lee was within a few holes of winning the individual championship, but he missed a few putts on the final holes.

Instead of hanging his head, Lee went back to the practice tee, and within a few months he was the #1 ranked amateur in the country. It'll be fun to watch Lee next year as a senior on the plains, and hopefully on the PGA tour after that.

Speaking of the plains, Auburn's season opener with Southern Cal is shaping up to be a HUGE encounter.  A win over the Trojans would put the Tigers in the top 5.  A close loss would not be fatal since there are still 11 more games on the schedule.

Meanwhile, Mike Shula's debut in Birmingham against South Florida should be a memorable occasion for Tide fans.  Shula told me last week he expects to be "feeling the butterflies" before kickoff. He says all the coaches and players put in too many hours for Saturdays not to be special.

I know they're special for the rest of us. We'll see you at the Stadium. Until next week - God bless - Jeff