Tallapoosa County educators turn proration into teachable moment

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DADEVILLE, AL (WSFA) - It's hard to ignore the practical impact of a 3% cut in Tallapoosa County. In financial terms it means losing about $418,000.

We'll take Reeltown High School teacher Mona Coan as an example. Had it not been for a grant, Coan says there's a good chance 6 of her 29 computers wouldn't be replaced anytime soon.

"No surprise at all. With these cuts we knew they were coming and we were going to be hit hard," said Coan.

And to make matters worse.. the county school system will lose almost 2 million dollars in federal stimulus funds.

And that's not all. Tallapoosa County has lost more than 3 million dollars in cuts in two years.

"We're able to pay our bills but it'll shift down," said school district CFO Phil Blasingame.

County school leaders say they will have to borrow the money to make up for the lost of $418,000.

Still, teachers like Coan are choosing to use the cut as a teachable moment. Coan is sharing this lesson with her business-marketing students; life is not fair, there will be surprises, curveballs will be thrown when you least expect them.

"This is a good example of how you must prepare and look for other resources," said Coan.

Softening the blow is the fact Reeltown High School will open its new school, grades 7 through 12 in six weeks.

That's a cause for celebration in these parts considering school systems across Alabama have endured three straight years of proration.

"We're fortunate to have gotten this funding for the new school before the economic situation hit," said principal Tom Cochran.

Real cuts in Reeltown but a lesson to remember beyond the halls of learning.

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