Cash for Kindness: Heart for Giving

Mary Golden just could say enough kind things about Sister Leanna Sitter.  She's the Director of the Central Alabama Laubach Literacy center

"Anytime anybody is sick she visits the hospital and she goes back and forth to Montevallo to visit another sister who doesn't have any family.  She goes everyday to take her lunch . She does anything for anybody."

So, we wanted to do something for her. We gave Mary Golden one hundred twenty  dollars. and she introduced us to this angel.

Sister Sitter has been Director of the Literacy Center for some years, but recent budget cuts meant she would no longer be paid a salary.   Still, she comes every day with a heart for helping others.

"I was raised to believe everyone is made in the likeness of God and whatever you do to the least of  your brethren you do to God."

We hope the cash can help Sister Sitter. Whether it's gas for a weary traveler or food for the homeless despite no income coming in we surely don't expect those blessings to stop going out.

If you'd like to nominate someone for Cash for Kindness, send me an e-mail to  Don't forget to put Cash for Kindness in the subject line.