Cold Medicines Recalled

(NBC) - The Food and Drug Administration is recalling hundreds of prescription cough, cold and allergy medications.

Most are not common, household names. And none has been linked to any serious side effects.

But although they're on the market, the drugs have never been approved by the FDA. Therefore, their safety and effectiveness have never been formally scrutinized by federal regulators.

Many of the products went on the market years before tougher rules went into effect regulating drugs.

Some of the medicines are indicated for use in children under age 2, even though the FDA has advised against giving cough medications to kids that young.

The FDA says doctors can turn to many other cough, cold and allergy medicines that have been through the approval process.... So consumers should be able to switch to a new medication easily.

No over-the-counter drugs are involved in the FDA recall.

Click here for a list of the recalled medications.