Montgomery County BOE approves layoffs

Posted by: Cody Holyoke - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Montgomery Public School system continues to cut expenses.

This time around, however, Superintendent Barbara Thompson's strategy is different.

Tuesday, board members approved nearly $3 million in layoffs as part of Thompson's proposal to reduce the workforce.

About 200 non-tenured positions are on the chopping block, along with 22 tenured central office positions.

Thompson says she's trying to spare schools from deep cuts.

"One of the things the board asked me to consider was cutting as far away as possible from the classroom, and we're starting at the top with our key administrative cabinet members and going down," Thompson explained.

Some school jobs, however, aren't safe from the system's slimming.

Thompson's plan eliminates nearly 58 tenured school-based positions--like assistant principals and counselors.

Many of those tenured employees will be allowed to return to their former positions--for their former salaries.

"So there are multiple places they could bump into, so we have to see where they're going to bump, and that person they're bumping may or not be tenured, so that's the person who may not end up with a job," Thompson said.

Thompson doesn't know how many employees she could rehire.  It all depends on the next state budget, which the superintendent says has some flaws when it comes to funding various expenses within the system.

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