Judge: Gilley will stay in jail

File Photo of Ronnie Gilley
File Photo of Ronnie Gilley

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Embattled Country Crossing casino developer Ronnie Gilley didn't get the news he wanted to hear Thursday, despite being confident just days earlier he would soon be released from jail pending trial.

Federal Judge Myron H. Thompson denied Gilley's request to be released from jail.

The government's case for revoking Gilley's bond originally focused on a violation of the no-contact clause of his pre-trial bond agreement. However, the prosecution on March 7 dropped contention that Gilley violated the no-contact agreement and based its argument on whether or not there was probable cause to believe Gilley had simply committed another crime while out on bond.

Gilley is accused of attempting to bribe former lobbyist Jarrod Massey not to testify against him at trial. Massey, who worked for Gilley for three years prior to the indictment, is a co-defendant and now a government witness in the government's case.

Gilley is one of 11 defendants charged in a 39-count indictment including federal bribery charges, fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to commit federal bribery. Gilley, personally, faces 22 of the charges. 

[Read Judge Myron Thompson's opinion (.pdf)]

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