Court document shows Gilley's cell conditions

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) -  WSFA 12 News has sought to obtain information surrounding the cell conditions of Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley. Thursday's court opinion, which denied Gilley release pending trial, gives an account of the incarcerated businessman's living conditions.

Gilley and his attorneys have contended that the detention has impaired his ability to prepare for trial. Subsequent work with jail officials has been made to make "substantial changes" to Gilley's cell to "accommodate his trial-preparation needs."

Gilley is the sole occupant of a four-person cell and has access to any document he needs to prepare for trial. Luxuries include a CD player and audio tapes, which he can keep with him 24 hours a day or in a safe-keep maintained by the jail.

A telephone is installed in the cell with unlimited access and Gilley can meet with his attorneys any day of the week, according to the court. Those attorneys may also stay throughout visiting hours.

If Gilley misses a meal the jail will save the food for him until after the meeting. Gilley and his lawyers determine the time at which the meetings will end.

The court said it made clear to Gilley that additional requests for reasonable accommodations should be brought to the court's attention.

[Read Judge Myron Thompson's opinion (.pdf)]

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