County Road 12 - Okra Festival

In less than 24 hours one of the last festivals of the summer will kick-off. The name may leave you scratching your head, but as festivals go, this one has all the ingredients to be a good one. We find it somewhere out along County Road 12.

Behold a pod of okra. There's not much too it. Not a whole lot you can do with it, except cook it a couple of different ways. "Peas and okra, collard greens and okra, sockatosh with okra corn, tomatoes, fried okra, boiled okra we also gonna have okra to sell, fresh okra." says Doris Stewart Green one of the festival organizers, "We also going to have pickled okra." Okra is being elevated to celebrity status thanks to the the fourth annual Okra Festival.  So at the Okra Festival, what do you do? Do you have okra eating contest, okra t-shirts, who can eat the most boiled okra? "No pressure it's too hot." says Barbara Evans, another organizer. "Just good music, good food, good conversation we may dance a little bit." Now when speaking of the podded vegetable you can get tripped up by the age old question, okri or okra? "I think people when their talking say okri but people when they're trying to be proper say okra. I don't think it really matter, okra is okra.

Of all the produce out there without a festival why would you pick okra? There's the peach festival, the watermelon festival, then there's the granddaddy of them all the peanut festival. So why the okra festival, well maybe the best names, were already taken. "We all eat okra, we enjoy it, it's something that brings the community together and it's something we say the Burkeville okra is the sweetest in the world" "Does anybody ever think this is the Oprah festival? No. Nobody comes up looking for Oprah Winfrey? It would be nice if she came." Maybe next year. In Burkeville, Debbie Williams along with photojournalist Darren Gilley, somewhere out along County Road 12.

If you want to be a part of this years Okra Festival, just head to Burkeville in Lowndes County. Activities get underway at 12 noon.