Editorial: Statewide Texting While Driving Ban

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In July of last year I wrote an editorial urging the City of Montgomery to ban handheld cell phone use while driving.  The city passed that ordinance.

In fact since last year's legislative session some 20 Alabama municipalities of varying sizes have passed some form of law limiting the use of cell phones while driving.

In addition, 11 states passed text messaging bans last year, bringing the total number of states with this ban to 30.

Alabama has one of the worst teen fatality rates in the country and teenagers love to text message.  Any distraction while driving is dangerous, but numerous studies have shown that texting is one of the worst, and that a ban on texting reduces accidents.

Again, this year, a bill has been introduced in Alabama's legislature to ban texting while driving.   While this bill seems like no brainer… the legislature tried but did not pass it last year.

I urge Alabama's lawmakers to create consistency state wide on this matter.  Follow the lead of those 20 Alabama cities and 30 states and pass the text messaging while driving ban.

Mark Wilder 
Programming, Operations & Internet Manager
WSFA 12 News 

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