Ariton Teacher a Class Act

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Ariton, Alabama (WSFA 12)   At Ariton High School,  math class just seems to add up, thanks to teacher Mindy Blankenship.   She's been in the classroom for the last 4 years and she's a real Class Act.    "I always knew I wanted to be a teacher," Blankenship said.  "When I got into college I realized I had a passion for math.  It was a calling in life to be a teacher and I've enjoyed every day of it."

She teaches 9th-12th grade algebra and pre-calculus.   "To see the light bulbs go off, and they get it, that's my reward."  And she hopes when the kids leave her classroom for good, they'll take something with them.   "I always tell my kids, that if they don't learn math I at least want to make a positive difference in their life and hope they learn strong study habits and good behavior."

On this day, her students were all smiles as they watched their teacher Ms. Mindy Blankenship, win the Class Act Award.

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