Cash for Kindness: A Library for Lowdnes County

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a library and for one woman the time she donated to a library in her hometown was a labor of love.

In tonight's cash for kindness we pass along 120 dollars to a former librarian who knows the importance of a library in any town.

It all began with as a dream and in 2009 it became a reality: a new Lowdnes County library and it could never have happened without volunteers like Jimmy Lee Felder.   Mrs. Felder and her family moved to Montgomery when she was only a child but she wanted more for those she left behind.

"She was a librarian and she lived in lived in a very poor county Hayneville where the resources were limited. There were no reading materials."

Mrs. Myrtle Pless Jones told us about her friend's generosity and she thought it was deserving of 120 dollars.

"A surprise for you. 120 dollars."

"Oh, thank you."

"That's your reward for being the compassion person you are."

This was the last county in the state of Alabama that didn't not have a public library and it was my hometown..and I certainly wanted them to have one"

Three days a week Mrs. Felder still makes the trip from Montgomery to Lowdnes County and she told us she's helped cataloged more than 23 thousand books.

"You gotta be proud of that"

Well, I am because I gave my own town something they didn't have."

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