Off-duty firefighter saves two people's lives

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AUTAUGA CO., AL (WSFA) - Josh Brown's trip home one day recently turned out to be anything but a routine ride. As he was approaching Autauga County Road 57, 7 miles from downtown Prattville, Brown just happened to look to his left, and he saw it.

"Something was wrong," he said.

A home on fire, smoke pouring from the windows. That's when the firefighter emerged in Brown.

"I turned around and by that time, two volunteer firefighters were already here," Brown said.

A Lt. with the Prattville Fire Department, Josh Brown helped the volunteers from Kingston and Booth.

At first Lt. Brown had no clue anyone was inside. That is until he walked around the back and noticed a woman and her granddaughter in the bedroom. Both in shock, bleeding and dazed, Lt. Brown went to work.

There was literally no time to waste. While the fire itself was burning down, the entire home was filled with heavy smoke. It's not clear what started the blaze.

"I grabbed a couple of chairs and I climbed through the window and handed the girl first to the volunteers and handed the lady to them," said Brown.

Brown says the hair on one of them was singed and had the door not been closed in the bedroom the outcome could have been terribly different.

The 36-year veteran firefighter is quick to point out he could not have done the rescue without the volunteers from Booth and Kingston. Brown refuses to take the credit.

"I'd just rather go on about my business," he said.

At the end of the day it was just another day for Josh Brown but for that lady and her granddaughter, it was a life-saving moment.

The family declined to be part of this story.

Back on the job at the number three fire station in Prattville, Lt. Brown says this isn't the first time he's saved a life but whenever this happens, it makes him a better firefighter, a better man.

"It's all about teamwork and this is what we do," he said.

Answering the call of duty on and off the job.. Lt. Josh Brown.. saving lives on a country road.

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