ASU watch party attracts 1,000 fans

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Filled to capacity, ASU's Shuttlesworth Dining Hall transformed from an eatery into an arena.

Through the use of projector screens, Hornets fans watched anxiously as ASU fought for their first NCAA tournament win.

The group used commercial breaks and halftime to host their own "big dance" competitions, energizing nearly 1,000 fans.

"We're all really supportive for our team, and we want Alabama state to go all the way, and we are going to all the way! We're already SWAC champions and we're going to go even further," said freshman Celandria Yancey.

As the seconds ticked away, the team's comeback gave students hope.  Even though the University of Texas-San Antonio took the win, school pride couldn't be stronger.
"It shows a lot of heart. They started the season slow. They could've gave up. They could've quit, but they worked hard and kept working at it.. And see where the hard work has got 'em now," said junior Ryan Epperson.

"I think that, even though they didn't win, they still made it this far, so I'm proud of my basketball team, and I think they did really great," exclaimed freshman Kayla O'Neal.

Just by playing in one tournament game, the team earned $1.4 million for the SWAC.

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