Community members pray for school's future

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MCKENZIE, AL (WSFA) - With songs, prayers, and some good ole McKenzie Tiger pride, hundreds of parents, teachers and students covered the front lawn of McKenzie School hoping to send a unified message to Butler County School Board members.

"Let McKenzie stay open," says one parent.

Closing the school is one of four options under consideration to save money now that proration punishes the financially strapped districts.

"It's like really hurting me when I heard that.  So I'm like really scared that there might be a possibility that they might close my school down," says Sophomore Tiera Tolbert.

For students, it's hard to imagine going to class anywhere else.

"If they close the school then all my friends and all of us we would separate because we all won't go to the same school," says eighth grader Mikeia Clemons.

School administrators say closing McKenzie could save the system roughly $100,000 dollars, But, it's that bottom line folks hope school board members look beyond come time to vote.

"The money that's been stated it will save is just not enough to justify closing a school completely," says McKenzie School Principal, Randy Williams.

For now, folks hope their final, emotional plea will be enough to save what many think of as a 'community treasure'.

The school board is expected to vote during their meeting Thursday night. It is open to the public and will be held at 5:00pm in the Georgiana High School gym.

Community members urge everyone to be respectful during the meeting.

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