Audio of Debate on Tax and Accountability Reform - Sept. 2, 2003 - Montgomery Alabama news.

Audio of Debate on Tax and Accountability Reform - Sept. 2, 2003

Governor Riley Governor Riley
Mr. John Rice Mr. John Rice

Tuesday evening on WSFA News 12 at Six Governor Bob Riley and Mr. John Rice of the Tax Accountability Coalition debate the upcoming Tax and Accountability Referendum on September 9th. Analysis was provided by Mr. Jim Williams of the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama. The debate was hosted by WSFA News 12 Anchor Kim Hendrix and the questioning panel consisted of WSFA Political Reporter Eileen Jones, WSFA Education Reporter and Anchor Michael Briddell, and WSFA Newsmakers' Host Kim Wanous.

Audio is in Windows Media format. To listen to the audio simply click on a section and listen using your Windows Media Player.



Opening Remarks - Governor Riley Opening Remarks - Mr. John Rice
Answers about Pass Through Pork Answers on Property Taxes
Comments by Jim Williams More talk about Pork Spending
Who's accountable? Where do we cut?
How much money do we need? Can anyone be trusted?
Balancing the Budget State Employees and Healthcare
Education Part I Education Part II
Education Part III
Who really pays? Analysis of who pays
What if it doesn't pass? What is plan B?
Closing Arguments

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