Concerns raised about Highway 231 after fatal accidents

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PIKE COUNTY, AL (WSFA) - Some people in Pike County are alarmed after three fatal crashes on Highway 231 between Troy and Brundidge.  On any given day is busy with tens of thousands of cars passing along that same stretch.  The question some are asking: should there be a barrier built in the median to stop cars from crossing over?

Two teenagers died in an accident in December.  Another woman died in a wreck on New Year's Eve and just last week - three people died in a single collision.

In two of the accidents, drivers crossed the center line into oncoming traffic.  Some wonder whether guard rails might make the road safer.

"It'll be the best to keep the people from crossing over, because 231 is a busy highway" said Patricia Henderson, of Troy.

Tony Harris with the Alabama Department of Transportation said officials heard the concerns of people concerning Highway 231, but after safety studies they've determined the road is as safe as it could be.

"Right now the traffic patterns indicate that the type of highway that's there - a five lane highway with a center turn lane is what's needed there," Harris said.  "There are so many access points along that stretch of 231 that the center turn lane is needed."

Harris said it's important to consider the cause of the accidents when determining a road's safety.

"They're all different.  And it's premature to speculate or jump to the conclusion that there's a road defect, because clearly there's not."

Myrtle Norris lives in Coffee County and drives on 231 a lot.  She said the road is fine as it is.

"I rode it all my life," Norris said.  "So I think you just have to be careful the roads you ride on."

That's advice that may keep drivers safe no matter a road's design.

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