Governor Bentley throws a line to the seafood industry

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - For David Scott and the employees at Destin Connection in Montgomery, the oil spill is a thing of the past.

"Right now business is back just like before the oil spill ever happened," says Scott.

A steady stream of customers is the norm these days. It wasn't always.

"We had a four month period where it was really slow and it really affected the industry as a whole," adds Scott.

While owners say business is back to normal, there's one thing about the seafood that's changed.

"Prices have gone up some on the shrimp and oysters, crab meat and fish and that's due to supply and demand issues and the fuel costs," says Scott.

As a way to make sure the industry stays afloat, Governor Robert Bentley created a commission to promote Alabama seafood.

The group will market the products nationwide claiming their efforts will help everyone from fisherman to restaurant owners.

"We're excited that the Governor is doing something to help the industry as a whole," adds Scott.

Ken Kichler--CFO at Tacky Jacks restaurant in Orange Beach hopes Alabama's new commission is as successful as others.

"I remember quite vividly the Louisiana seafood board, how active that was, the advertising and promotion that went along with that and thought it was very positive."

For now, most folks say gulf seafood is still a staple in their diet.

"I'm here right now, fixing to get some fish and go enjoy," says Richard Harkins.

The Governor says the commission will be made up of 15 members. It will also help improve consumer perceptions about Alabama seafood.

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