Supporters Deliver 10 Commandments Plaque to Governor's Office

Governor Bob Riley may be the one going to court next over the Ten Commandments being displayed in a government building.  A group of about 200 supporters of the Ten Commandments Monument marched to the Capitol Thursday morning to ask the governor to hang a plaque of the Commandments in a public place.

The governor was out of town at the time but Toby Roth, Riley's chief of staff told the group that the governor is considering hanging it in either the Old Supreme Court Chamber or the Old Supreme Court Library.

Roth says, "We are currently making plans to display it in the Capitol. Once we have a chance to assess what is the best way to display it, I expect it to be on display in the next couple of days."

The marchers say they will return to the Capitol Friday at 10:00 and on Monday to see if the plaque has been hung.

Reporter: Eileen Jones