Pollen time in the River Region

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - This isn't the just another day for Dorothy Harris but another day of having to use an extra dose of 'elbow grease' to scrub away the yellowish powder we've all come to know this time of year.

"It's more difficult because you have to get pollen off the dashboard," said Harris, manager of the Madison Avenue Car Wash in Montgomery.

"It's a mess, a real mess," said washer Jo Ann Howard.

For Dorothy Harris it's a catch .22. The pollen invasion is great for business, not so good for her sinuses.

"I get stuffed up, red eyes," Harris said.

Still, Harris says business is up 30%, more cars and trucks coming through on top of the average of around 120 a day.

One former lawmaker is finding the fine powder just as tough as some of his previous opponents.

"Over the weekend I thought my car had turned green," said Perry Hooper, Jr.

From the wash room to the doctor's office there's no getting around it.

"It's worse than normal for this time of year because of the warm weather," said Dr. Martin Glover, a pediatrician in Montgomery.

Dr. Glover says the best way to deal with the pollen is to keep your hands clean and try to avoid going outside during dawn and dusk when the pollen is prevalent.

The national pollen forecast shows high levels of pollen in the River Region over the next 4 days.

That means busy doctors and busy managers like Dorothy Harris, doing their best to wash away the spring time nuisance.

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