Months later Alabamians wait for BP money

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Brad Armagost and his family are regulars in Gulf Shores.

They own a condo there and are thankful folks are finally starting to rent it again.

"Spring break looks like it's very encouraging," says Armagost.

But it doesn't make up for last year when the oil spill kept tourists away in droves. Armagost says he lost roughly $7,000 dollars. He filed a claim for the money in August and only got a third of it. He has no idea when he'll get the rest.

"Really the last thing that we've heard from this is well, we technically have 90 days from a certain date to process your claim, so we'll get back with you in the middle of May."

According to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility website, Kenneth Feinberg--who oversees the entire claims process says:

"We are determined to continue to accelerate the processing of all individual and business claims submitted to the GCCF. I remain concerned about the number of claims which lack proof and remain unsubstantiated."

Armagost says he and his business partner provided all the necessary documentation months ago and now they're caught up in the waiting game.

"We go online and pull up our claim number and it just says in other details," he adds.

When asked if he'll sue the oil company?

"We're not going to accept the final claim until we know the beach has really come back."

About half of the roughly 250,000 thousand claims have been processed. That's more than $1 billion dollars paid to individuals and businesses. Feinberg says he's trying to make the process as transparent as possible.

According to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, hundreds of claims are filed on a daily basis.

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