Pike County Teacher a Class Act

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Brundidge, AL  (WSFA) -   In miss Sasha Tuck's kindergarten class at Pike County Elementary School, her students are right on the money.    On this day the student were learning how to count change.    "My biggest thing with the kids is motivating them and getting their confidence up," Tuck said.   "They are babies at home, but when they are here they are big boys and girls."

The Troy State alum has spent the last 8-years teaching kindergarten in Brundidge.   "I love the faculty and staff here it's phenomenal."

So what's the toughest part of teaching kindergarten?   "Some students have never been in a structured environment.   So at the beginning of the year it's challenging, but at the end of the year its rewarding to see where they've come from."

Ms. Sasha Tuck from Pike County Elementary School is a real Class Act.

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