Judge Rules On Monument Lawsuit

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit seeking to return a 53-hundred pound Ten Commandments monument to the lobby of the Alabama Judicial building.

The lawsuit was filed by three Alabama residents who claimed that moving the monument, state court officials unconstitutionally established the religion of nontheistic beliefs. U-S District Judge Myron Thompson ruled Thursday that the removal of the monument, which he had ordered, did not violate the Constitution.

Suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore had the monument moved into the building two years ago. Thompson ruled the monument was an unconstitutional promotion of religion by government and ordered it removed. Moore refused to remove the monument and was suspended by the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission, pending a trial before the Court of the Judiciary. The eight associate justices ordered the monument removed. It was moved August 28th into a storage room on the first floor of the judicial building.

An attorney for the Moore supporters, Jim Zeigler of Mobile, said a decision has not been made on whether to appeal Thompson's dismissal of the suit.