Jerrel Jernigan Draft Diary 3/21/11

Last week started off with my first private workout, which was last Wednesday with the Atlanta Falcons.

They brought in the head coach (Mike Smith), general manager (Thomas Dimitroff), offensive coordinator (Mike Mularkey), and a couple of other coaches and front office people to watch me and meet with me.

It started off with me doing some explosion drills and then they asked me to run a normal receiver route tree.

I ran the route tree on both sides of the field and then they asked me to run some option routes and go routes that are a part of their offensive packages.

Altogether, it was a pretty good workout.  After that finished, they took me in the film room and had me do some board work and then break down some film.

We had some good conversations about football and overall I think they like me and the way I would potentially fit into their offense.

After my workout, on Thursday I got to fly out to Los Angeles to participate in my first photo shoot for Adidas.

I was a little nervous at first, but when I got there I just relaxed and had some fun and it went great.

I got to meet David Beckham, Reggie Bush, C.J. Spiller, and Eric Berry, who are all sponsored by Adidas.  They had all of their athletes there to do photo shoots at the same time.

Some of the other guys they signed along with me in my draft class are Titus Young (Boise State), Prince Amukamara (Nebraska), Kyle Rudolph (Notre Dame), and Demarco Murray (Oklahoma).

After the shoot, we toured the city for a while.  We went to the landmarks like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and then ended up in Santa Monica.

On Friday night, we got to go to the Lakers-Timberwolves game, and I was excited to see Kobe Bryant in action.

It was good trip overall.  I got to try some different foods, but the only thing that messed me up a bit was the time change.  We were at dinner at around 9:30 but I was falling asleep and ready to go to bed!

Now, I'm back in Troy and I'll be training and staying in shape until I get called up for more private workouts.