Gas prices force charities to pinch pennies

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Bob Lohman drives a truck for the Montgomery Area Food Bank. He remembers when a gallon of gas was much cheaper.

"It didn't cost $100 dollars for 29 gallons."

Lohman drives his truck everyday, refilling his 75-gallon tank roughly 2-3 times a week. He knows the higher prices are taking their toll.

"It cuts down on everybody else, what they take home and what it costs to pick up and deliver the products we pick up and deliver," says Lohman.

"We just have to spend more to do the same thing," adds Parke Hinman, Executive Director at the Montgomery Area Food Bank.

He says as gas prices go do food costs. Not only are his drivers spending more at the pump, but also at the grocery store since most of the donations the food bank gets go straight to buying food for the needy.

"That's money we have to spend for gas, that we could turn around and buy our food with. So, it's a negative impact any way you look at it," adds Hinman.

Directors at the Montgomery Humane Society are also experiencing the same crunch--reallocating money just for gas to pick up animals.

Directors say they didn't budget enough for the hike and could face problems if prices jump again this summer.

But both organizations admit the work continues despite the larger price tag.

"You hate to pay the higher prices but yeah, you have to do it," adds Lohman.

Despite the economy and higher fuel prices, donors are stepping up help the food bank. In fact, last year donations were higher than ever.  But both organizations say times like these only increase the need for monetary help.

If you'd like to donate to the organizations please call:

The Montgomery Area Food Bank: (334) 263-3784

Montgomery Humane Society: (334) 409-0622

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