Bikini-clad Burger King brawler shares her side of story

A camera phone catches a bikini-clad woman on a rampage inside a Fla. Burger King (Source: YouTube)
A camera phone catches a bikini-clad woman on a rampage inside a Fla. Burger King (Source: YouTube)
Kemisia Smith
Kemisia Smith

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story appears in its original form with a notice that Panama City Beach Police have confirmed the suspect used a false identity. The suspect is now identified as Nekiva Hardy.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "Have it your way" took on a whole new meaning at a Florida Burger King over Spring Break when a Montgomery, Ala. woman dished out her own recipe for apparent poor service. The ensuing brawl, captured on cell phone video and uploaded for all the world to witness via YouTube, shows the bikini-clad Montgomerian and several friends hurling trays, utensils and other objects at BK employees.

Kimesia Smith, 31, said she and three friends stopped at a Panama City, Fla. Burger King to grab food before heading to get alcohol. After a 20 minute wait just to get a Whopper, Jr. and a french fry, Smith told WSFA 12 News a fast food worker "threw" her order to her.

Smith, upset, said she and her friends decided to leave the restaurant but came back inside to see a manager because they believed several employees were throwing ketchup packets at them from the drive-thru window. The mother of 4 said they were the same employees who had been talking about her and "being smart" during her initial order process.

It was at the point when no one would acknowledge Smith's request to speak to a manager that she, and the cell phone video, started heating up. Smith said she picked up a drink and threw it. An employee then threw something at her, hitting her in the chest.

What comes next would have made even the stiff-faced Burger King grimace. The video starts with a barrage of yelling and then Smith is clearly shown jumping onto the counter. She picks up a large jug, said to have been a bucket for charity donations, and hurls it at workers.

Napkins, utensils, trays and other objects then begin to rain down on the restaurant as some customers watch from their seats. One person, unidentified, can be heard just prior saying "This is the best Spring Break ever!" Others laugh as the store is trashed.

Police officers were called to the restaurant where they hand-cuffed Smith. Records indicate she became upset about what would happen to her children if she were arrested, but she admitted to WSFA 12 News none of her kids accompanied her on the trip. She was just trying to see if police would let her go if they believed she had them with her. The plan didn't work, however. The woman was arrested on Simple Battery, a misdemeanor charge. She was later released from jail on a $100 bond.

[Read the police report (]

"I'm really embarrassed," she said when asked what her reaction was to seeing the video. Smith describes herself as a good, hardworking mother who attends church weekly. She didn't want her children, 4 boys between the ages of 6 and 15, to see the video, but she was resigned to the fact that it would be difficult to avoid.

"Lord knows I wish I could turn back the hands of time," she explained when asked if she would handle the situation differently. All of her friends and family know of the incident and she says she's had to change her phone number because of all the media inquiries.

"I'm a lover, not a fighter," Smith said, though she's quick to point out that "when you tick me off, everybody's got that side..." Some of the blame goes to the Burger King employees, she demanded.

As the phone video goes viral on the internet, Smith says she plans to keep out of sight for the next month or so until things die down.

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