Editorial: Future Looks bright

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery's best days are ahead and that makes leaving here extra tough.  When I arrived, education shortcomings led the concerns list.

It still does but major gains have been made both locally and statewide.

Better financing is key to sustained education improvement and improvements in other statewide services. The lowest property taxes in the nation come with consequences.

Race relations are improving and will continue to improve if we focus more on the future rather than the past.  Maxwell Air Force Base and Hyundai add to the increasingly rich cultural diversity in the region.

Quality leadership will determine how much this region grows over the next decade.  It is poised for explosive growth because of the steady leadership of the past decade.

It's been a privilege serving this community the past five years.  I'm excited about the leadership my successor – Collin Gaston – will bring to this position.  He's been on our team the past four years and will appreciate you as much as I have.

My youngest son was born here and I know he will grow up proud of his roots because you are all very special people!  Enjoy the great days – and years ahead!

Ken Selvaggi
General Manager
WSFA 12 News

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