Church staffer charged with sexual torture...and more

Friday - March 25

Hope you can catch one of our newscasts tonight...hopefully all of them...starting at 5 p.m.

You may have heard folks talking about a church staff member being arrested.  We've got the full story from police.  The man arrested now faces sexual torture and child abuse charges. Tune in's our lead story at 5.

We'll also show you the mug shots and give you the names of the women arrested in that shooting in the Ann Street Walmart parking lot yesterday.  That's where the police officer fired at the driver.  The officer says she hit him with her car trying to get away from being questioned about shoplifting. Both are OK today.

Talk about cracking a cold case.  If you were around here in 1999, you may remember the story of a trucker killed on the Interstate in Macon County.  Now, nearly 12 years later, police charged a Texas man.  How'd they do it?  We'll tell you at 6.

And, if you like shoes, you've got watch tonight's County Road 12 segment at 6.  We've found a store in south Alabama with shoes stacked to the ceiling...literally. You have to see it - to believe it.

And, Jeff updates the rain chances for the weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend, too, regardless of any spotty showers.

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