5 victims killed in triple vehicle crash identified

MOTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Authorities identified the five victims who were killed during a three car crash on I-65 Saturday.

The confirmed names of the five victims are 18-year-olds Matthew Riley Zimmer, Evan Weaver, Matthew Roe and Alex Bauer from Angola, IN, and  21-year-old Niall McNellis of Troy, AL.

State troopers said the four boys from Indiana were heading home from a spring break trip when a vehicle crossed I-65 and hit the boys' car head on.

The three others injured in the crash were a woman and two children, but there is still no word on their names or conditions.

The accident happened around 3 P.M. Saturday near the 195 mile marker, close to the Chilton County and Autagua County line.

Hundreds of cars were trapped in the north and southbound lanes as crews worked to clear the scene.

While many drivers never saw what caused the traffic pileup, one man watched the entire crash unfold.

Richard Dame said he was traveling southbound on the interstate when the vehicle next to him flew across the median.

"I was kind of shocked and started shaking a little bit and didn't really know what to do," Dame said. "I was traveling probably at 50 MPH at this time.  I did pull off the road and thought at the first thing to do was call 911, which is what I did.  I called 911 and told them what I saw, and obviously because it was raining and thought I'd probably just be in the way or whatever I continued on, and I was thinking about, and still thinking about it today actually."

Dame said his thoughts and prayers go out to the families of these victims, and after watching a crash like this he'll definitely be more cautious out on the roads.

The Mayor of Angola, IN, said the families and the town are holding a prayer vigil Sunday night, and are taking the news as best they can.

Still, there is no word on exactly what led to this vehicle crossing the median, and it's also unclear if the rough weather contributed to the wreck.

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