Witness of fatal I-65 crash explains how it happened

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "You don't know what to say," says Richard Dame.

Dame can't seem to erase images of a fatal crash on I-65 from his mind.

"It was probably the worst accident I've seen. In fact, it was like watching NASCAR--that kind of feeling, except people that are just innocent," he adds.

Dame was traveling on I-65 south when a vehicle driving beside him went off the road, and crossed the median.

"When it approached the other side, I obviously saw the collision and two cars fly up in the air."

One of those cars was filled with four boys from Angola, Indiana on their way home from a spring break trip.

18-year olds Matthew Riley Zimmer, Evan Weaver, Matthew Roe and Alexx Bauer were instantly killed along with the man authorities say hit them--21-year old Niall McNellis of Troy.

"It just kinda emotionally sets you in motion to think, 'gosh, that could be you,'" says Dame.

He mourns the boys as residents of a the town of Angola hundreds of miles away from him do the same.

"These were pretty good young guys. They come from good families, they were going to be good people in whatever community they ended up in whether they stayed here or moved on somewhere else," says Dick Hickman, Mayor of Angola.

Signs with the boys' names on them and flowers grace Angola High--where the boys went to school. Community members also gathered for a prayer vigil.

And Dame--who has no ties to Angola or the boys who died can't help but offer his support.

"I pray for the families that are affected."

Dame says after seeing the crash happen right before his eyes, it makes him more cautious out on the roads.

Another car was involved in the accident. A woman and two children suffered minor injuries.   Alabama State Troopers say they're still trying to figure out exactly what caused the crash.

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