'BK Bikini Brawler' served fresh whopper; a felony charge

Nekiva Hardy (Source: PCB Police Dept.)
Nekiva Hardy (Source: PCB Police Dept.)

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A Montgomery woman who gained attention after cell phone video captured her flying into a rage at a Florida Burger King while wearing a bikini is now facing a felony charge. The fast food fiasco goes deeper. Police say she isn't who she claims to be.

The woman told police she was Kimesa Smith of Montgomery. Police now identify her as Nekiva Vonte Hardy. A check of Alabama court records shows a Nekiva Hardy with the same Social Security number as is on the Florida police report with several charges dating back to 1999. Those charges included cocaine possession and criminal mischief for damaging a car's hood and windows.

WSFA 12 News spoke with the woman by phone Monday afternoon and she denies being Hardy, though she did confirm the police report's social security number connected to Hardy. "I am who I said I am," she explained.

A WSFA 12 News source said Smith is actually Hardy's hair dresser, an accusation the suspect flatly denied. "I am my own hair dresser," she said, adding that she doesn't know a Nekiva Hardy.

WSFA 12 News independently spoke with a woman identifing herself as Kemisa Smith, 28. The woman also confirmed she was Hardy's hair dresser. She said she hadn't seen the suspect in several weeks, but was very upset that her name was being used without her permission.

Neither woman accepted requests from WSFA 12 News for an on-camera interview.


WSFA 12 News will refer to the suspect as "Hardy", as police have identified her,  for the purposes of writing this article.

Hardy was originally charged with Simple Assault, a misdemeanor, for pulling one of the Burger King employees' hair: A charge she admits. She bonded out of the Panama City Beach jail on just $100. But, according to Florida authorities, Hardy caused more than $1,000 in damage at the fast food restaurant. That warranted a felony criminal mischief charge. Hardy found it difficult to believe that throwing trays and plastic utensils could cause that much damage and believes Florida authorities are just out to make an example of her since she's gained so much attention in the media.

Disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges were also added to the list of crimes against the woman. Hardy conceded, "If they [Florida police] want to come get me, come on."

It's important to note, Hardy says she has not been officially contacted by Florida authorities regarding the upgraded charges, but says she does have a lawyer and they are working through the process.

The incident happened on March 19 when Hardy and several friends went into the Burger King restaurant near the beach. YouTube video shows Hardy standing on the ordering counter in her swim wear as she and other people throw napkins, utensils, trays, chairs and a charity change jar apparently because she received poor service.

Her profanity-laced rant became a viral video once posted to YouTube and it caught the attention of national media spotlight. The Smoking Gun has followed the case closely. Hardy said she was contacted by the Ellen DeGeneres Show and the Wendy Williams Show Monday about possible appearances, but she said she was going to decline them now that WSFA 12 News explained there were new charges.

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