Presidential Explanation

Monday - March 28, 2011

Good Monday night to you!

Coming up in less than a half hour, you'll hear my recap of the President's speech to the country tonight.  He spoke about the timing of U.S. air strikes and what happens next.  It's our lead make sure you're watching from the top of the newscast.

By now you've probably heard about that horrible accident south of Clanton that killed four high school boys from Indiana and a Troy University student Saturday.  Tonight we visit both campuses - one up in Angola, Indiana and Troy's main campus to try and put a face on the names you've heard us read in our newscasts.

Anxious mothers and fathers showed up at Jeff Davis High School tonight.  Some of them are scared and worried after a student at the school tested positive.  Tonight some calming words from the state health department.  We'll share them with you and tell you how they're going to test 2,000 kids and adults at the school....and how many kids may test positive themselves.

And, what would you think if you got a notice from your bank setting minimum and maximum limits on your debit card purchases?  Chances are, you'd be down right upset.  So why would banks do this?  We'll shed a little light on the matter coming up in minutes.

Hope you'll join us.

See you at 10.

Bob H.