Andalusia Middle School Teacher a Class Act

By Judd Davis - email

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Andalusia, AL  (WSFA) - In Ms. Cassie Battey's 6th grade class in Andalusia, the kids are studying about impact craters.   She makes an impact in their lives every day.   "The students make my job," Battey said.   "I love them.  I love their enthusiasm.   I love the challenge of teaching them science and getting them interested in it."

She didn't start off as a teacher.  Ms. Battey decided to make a career change.   She went back to school and got her master's degree, and she's been teaching ever since.  She's spent the last 13 years in the classroom.   "I filled in as a substitute teacher and that's when I realized its what I wanted to do."

She loves teaching the advanced science class at Andalusia Middle School.  "We do all sorts of activities, it's a literally a lab in here everyday."   She makes science fun and has a big impact on her students every day.   Congratulations Ms. Cassie Battey from Andalusia Middle School, you're a real Class Act.

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