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County Road 12: Brook's Shoe Shop

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By Judd Davis - email

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Andalusia, AL (WSFA 12 News)  -  He's worked in the same building for 60 years.   He laughs like he's having just as much fun as the first day he got there.    His personality is just as unique as his name, Hilry Trawick.

"Most people call me the shoe man,"  Trawick said.   "Don't get me wrong now, when I started here I worked on some old shoes, and I scratched them up pretty good."   Now he's the owner.   He bought Brook's Shoe Shop in Andalusia from his boss in the 1970's.    His philosophy is very simple.   "If you bring it, I'll fix it."    If it's leather, he can get it looking good.  While shoes are his specialty, he also works on baseball gloves, saddles, leather jackets, pretty much anything with leather.

You don't see too many shoe repair shops around these days.    Mr. Trawick says the younger generation doesn't have the patience for shoe repairs.    "Look at this boot, it costs $170 when it's new.   I can fix it for $39.90."

He's not in this alone.   His wife has worked with him for the last 25 years.   So I had to ask him, does your wife sell shoes, or just take them home with her?   "Luckily we just sell men's shoes.   I guess that's a good thing right?"    He laughs all day.   You can tell everyone who walks in this door is not going to a shop, they're going to a man they know and a man they trust.

Mr. Trawick is pretty modest about it, but this really is an art.   "You just have to come in and learn it.   You can't come off the streets and just pick it up in 5 or 6 months.  I've been here 60 years and I learn something new every day."

He's right, if it's leather, he can fix it.   You can find Brook's Shoe Shop in the square in downtown Andalusia.

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