Prattville hospital confirms 1 death in bacterial outbreak

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Prattville Baptist Hospital confirmed Wednesday that one of the nine patients who died as a result of contaminated IV bags was a patient at the hospital.

A total of 19 people got sick at six Alabama hospitals because of the liquid nutrition inside the IV bags.

Alabama Department of Public Health officials are working to determine what happened. Information confirming the deaths was released Tuesday, but ADPH is reluctant to say the victims died as a result of the contamination, only that each victim was already sick and other factors may have contributed to their deaths.

Prattville Baptist confirmed that it and several other Alabama hospitals purchased TPN product from Birmingham-based Meds IV. The medical company "experienced a production problem which resulted in their product being contaminated by Serratia marcescens," Prattville Baptist said in a statement. The hospital says it immediately terminated use of the product.

The hospital said it has identified one patient who was affected by the contaminated IV bags, but was unable to release any information on the victim because of HIPPA laws.

TPN, also known as total parental nutrition, has been confused with the use of typical IV solutions, commonly used for rehydration or the intravenous administration of medications. TPN is required for only a small sub-set of patients who receive intravenous nutrition. If patients are unable to eat and/or drink on their own, for an extended time period, TPN may be administered.

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