The Alabama Decision - Tax Plan Defeated

The governor spoke following the defeat of his referendum September 9th.
The governor spoke following the defeat of his referendum September 9th.

The governor has gotten a message from the voters of Alabama, "Ladies and gentleman I have heard what the people of Alabama have said and they said very clearly tonight, 'We do want you to be good stewards, but we want a smaller government until you prove to us that you are stewards of our money.'...That begins tomorrow."

After receiving word that his tax reform and accountability package had been totally rejected by the state's voters, the governor went on the say that the state government under his tenure would be the "most transparent government that this state has ever seen."

But the governor had strong words for the citizens of Alabama about facing up to the problems of the state. "We will never become great until we recognize what those problems are, stand up, look them in the eye, and address those problems, and solve those problems once and for all for the people of the state."

Riley said the voters have told him they want less government and he warned citizens that the state had to be careful with the upcoming decisions about which programs received the axe.

"They(voters) said tonight that we want you to reduce the size of government before you ever come back and ask for another dime. Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to have to reduce government. We're going to have to reduce government services. But once we do, and I hope that everyone in this room, everyone in the state of Alabama understands this, we have to be very judicious in the cuts that we make because so many people in this state are absolutely dependent on the choices that we are going to make in the next couple of weeks."

The governor went on to say, "So many people out there are absolutely dependent on this state for their very existence and as we balance these we need to make sure that we continue to protect the least among us."


" Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, establishing the Alabama Excellence Initiative Fund which may be used to fund programs including, but not limited to, the furtherance of excellence in public education, college scholarships, health care benefits for senior citizens and job training programs to attract new high paying jobs and otherwise provide for distributing state tax revenues; to adjust income and property taxes; to establish the General Fund Rainy Day Account; to provide for the replenishment for the General Fund Rainy Day Account and the Education Trust Fund Rainy Day Account."

"Proposed By Act 2003-78."   Results are unofficial.