What you'll miss if you don't watch at 10!

March 30, 2011

Here's the list of top stories at 10...check them out in 30 minutes!

Former Auburn football players tell HBO they were paid to play while on the Plains. Teammates of the former players don't agree...and say so.

Remember the story about 19 folks getting sick after having bacteria-tainted IV's. 6 of them died - including one in Baptist Health's Prattville Hospital.  No word on whether the bacterial infection was the cause of death.  Now a prominent Montgomery law firm is getting involved.

The budget shortfalls in Montgomery may create "get out of jail free cards" for thousands of state inmates.  Details on the early release plan.

And, I'm Taking Back Our Neighborhoods in Troy.

Come on...you can stay up 'til 10 can't you?  Don't flake out on me now.

Take care,

Bob H.