Hyundai Update

Construction on the 2 million square foot building continues around the clock in Hope Hull. But here in Montgomery other companies and services hoping to get a piece of the Hyundai economic pie were learning how to do business with the Korean automaker.... Debbie Williams sat in on the job-fair.

When it comes to finding a job with one of the largest automakers in the world, it can be intimidating. Not for Debra Baldwin, a general contractor from Tuskegee. "I understand they have given out five contracts thus far to women owned contractors and that they're pretty open minded and with their diversity that there are possibility's for me." And that's the point, Hyundai reaching out to the business community and offering possiblity for employement. "It would be nice to do a job at home for a change." It's something Pat Gallagher is hoping for. "The company is so large that we have been making a lot of phone calls to a lot of wrong people and for them to have an event like this to give out all the information, the correct contact information has been a wonderful show of solidarity in the local community." Hundreds a people showed up to shake hands, drop off business cards but for the most part, find out what they need to know to do business with Hyundai. "I have no doubt that we will be doing some work with Hyundai." By the look of things, that could be soon.

When the Hyundai plant is operating at full capacity, 2,000 people will be employed, manufacturing the next generation of Sonata sedans and Santa Fe S-U-V's. They'll be coming off the assembly line in March of 2005.