Raising the Barre

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Auburn, Alabama (WSFA 12 News) - It seems like every few years there's a new hot exercise workout that takes the country by storm.  The next one is really raising the bar, especially in Lee County.    It's called "Pure Barre".     "Using the ballet bar is key,"  said Pure Barre co-owner Courtney Treater.     "The workout is completely different than anything in this area,"  said co-owner Kelly Shuman.

Pure Barre started in Michigan back in 2009 and slowly spread to the West Coast.   There are now around 50 of the franchises all over the country including two in Alabama.  There's one in Birmingham and this one in Auburn.    The goal of this workout is to target the areas where women struggle the most.   "It's actually the fastest and safest way to change your body," Treater said.    "It's a mind and body connection in the workout so you really focus on the muscle you're using.  It allows people to focus on themselves for 55 minutes and not think about the grocery list or housework they have to do."

As for the results, we asked a lady who just finished the class.   "I work out 5 or 6 days a week but this is targeting areas I've never done before," said Auburn resident Tabatha Rankin. "I've lost one inch around each thigh and hip, and  for a woman that's incredible."

The only thing missing in most of these Pure Barre classes, the guys.    "The guys have tried it, the brave ones, every now and then,"   Treater said.    "We'd love some more guys, maybe some football players and athletes here,"  Shuman said.   For the record, I tried it, and it was tough.   Watch the story here on wsfa.com and try not to laugh at me too hard.   Whether it's for the men or the women, the philosophy here is the same.   "Live, tone, and burn."

You can find the Pure Barre workout center in Auburn off Moores Mill Road in the Publix shopping center in Auburn.    For information on the classes go to www.purebarre.com and look for the location link.  Just select Alabama and choose the Auburn location.

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