Bizarre crime in west Montgomery

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It's a nightmare that just won't stop for Sam Kamash.

"I am surprised and shocked," he said.

Thieves broke into Kamash's building on West Fairview Avenue, knocking down a wall and hauling what Kamash says was $200,000 worth of furniture.

"It's a business. I export furniture and I had a collection of antiques.. priceless," said Kamash who owns Kamash Universal.

The criminals made it their business to carry out items like sofas, chairs and beds, down a trail under the West Fairview overpass and into a u-haul trailer.

It appears this was done over two nights because Kamash's son found a spotlight with a 50-foot cord underneath the over pass.

"I found my safe over there," Kamash said.

Kamash wishes that is all they did.

Inside the old dairy plant the thieves showed absolutely no respect, breaking just about everything in sight.

Kamash says what really hurts is the people got into one of the rooms where he stored china and chandeliers for a home he was building and shattered a healthy collection of wine.

"He was going to build a home for him and my mom but she passed away and he just had it stored," said Tamer Kamash, Mr. Kamash's son.

And to add insult to injury, the thieves had what they probably considered a good time. They opened up a bottle of win and drank some of it near the building, a  1997 California Merlot.

"I'm kind to people," he said.

While police are investigating, especially the footprints left behind on the board covering up the door, Sam Kamash has an idea who did it.

"I have my suspicions.. people who used to work for me know all the rooms and knew the collections I had. I have insurance," said Kamash.

But even then says Mr. Kamash the insurance can't possibly cover the apparent meanness carried out in the dark of night.

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