Stormy night in Alabama -

Monday - April 4, 2011

Got your TV on WSFA 12 News?  You need to check us out right now to keep up with the big spring storm that's headed our way.  And, don't forget, we own the only LIVE Doppler radar in the area....and tonight it'll be put to good use.

So where's the bad weather? The line of storms is draped in a diagonal from southwest to northeast...chugging along at a steady clip that should have it in the Montgomery area about the time you're reading this email...if you opened it as soon as it arrived! Otherwise...let's say about 9:30-ish.

In the WSFA 12 News at 10, we'll have lots of video from our sister stations in the Raycom Media family...Memphis, Louisville, KY and Birmingham.  Some is pretty impressive pictures you'll want to see.

And, yes, we do have other news to tell you about.  The Montgomery County Sheriff's office a little upset over the process for determining whether the city or his deputies patrol certain parts of the police jurisdiction.  We'll hear from both sides.

Plus another bingo raid outside Birmingham.

Hope you'll watch your TV, or go to, or check your iPhone or Droid for our weather app that will keep you one step ahead of the storm.

Take care - talk with you tomorrow about this same time.

Bob H.