Auburn Junior High Teacher a Class Act

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Auburn, Alabama (WSFA 12 News) - She's been at the front of the classroom for almost 3 decades, and she's just a passionate now as the day she started.   "I'm lucky because I get paid to do what I love," said Auburn Junior High math teacher Michele Matin.

She's been at Auburn Junior High School in Lee County for the last 6 years.   It's easy to see that she loves math.   "Math was always a strength of mine in high school and college, and I like working with people, so I combined those two and decided to be a teacher."

Most of the time she teaches the students, but in her classroom it's a 2-way street. "The students teach me something everyday."

But on this day we celebrate what she does.   Ms. Michele Matin from Auburn Junior High School, a real Class Act.

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