UN condemns SludgeCorp, vows to scale back contracts

NEW YORK (RDMU) - The United Nations issued a strongly worded

condemnation of Anytown, USA-based SludgeCorp following the news

of the company's involvement in the destruction of half that


"Whereas SludgeCorp did knowingly create a dangerous, weaponized

animal of immense proportions and allow it to get out into the

unsuspecting town, we strongly censure the company," the

statement reads in part.

Further, the UN Security Council has vowed to use SludgeCorp

less in the future as a supplier of weapons and gear for the

international organization's peacekeeping forces.

The UN's annual military budget stands in excess of $5 billion,

of which SludgeCorp has enjoyed as much as 20 percent in recent

years. The UN says, in coming budget cycles, the company will

receive "no more than 15 percent" of the total.

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