Is monster gone for good? Debate rages

ANYTOWN (RDMU) - Although the monster which destroyed Anytown

is gone for now, and some are hopeful it will stay gone, the

town's few remaining experts are not in agreement on whether

the beast is truly defeated.

"Things like this always come back," said Joan Steffield, an

expert. "There's always some kind of twist at the end."

Fellow expert Donny Portenbrass disagrees. "SludgeCorp knew its

business when it created the animal, and it knew how to defeat

it, using technology," he said.

Both credit our men and women in uniform for their brave work,

but are at odds as far as its ultimate effectiveness.

"It's a temporary setback for the creature," said Steffield.

"That's all."

"It's beaten, burned, and dead at the bottom of the lake,"

said Portenbrass. "History will vindicate my optimism."

Both experts will appear on local TV tonight to carry out

the debate, then on national morning shows tomorrow.

Each has also announced a book deal.

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