Monster catches Westside unprepared, consumes homes, residents

ANYTOWN (RDMU) - Dr. Silas Sludge, founder and longtime CEO of

SludgeCorp, Inc., has announced his retirement.

The Anytown-based industrialist has been the subject of recent

criticism after a monster of his company's creation devastated

the town and killed thousands of his fellow citizens.

But he scoffs at the notion the two events are related. Or that

he was forced out.

The timing is merely convenient, he insists, saying that he's

"accomplished everything a man of science could hope to" in

his long and storied career.

Sludge plans to retire to his ranch in California, where he'll

live out his days in wealth and splendor.

No successor has been named, and a recent slump in SludgeCorp

stock value is blamed more on today's catastrophe than the firm's

present lack of leadership.

SludgeCorp's headquarters here were not damaged in the attacks.

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